Friday, August 3, 2007

Monsanto Goes GMO-Free - in its Cafeteria

Web Note: Speaks for itself, doesn't it? For more commentary on this news item, click here. To see OCA's compilation of Monsanto's various despicable activities, visit our Millions Against Monsanto page.

UNITED KINGDOM. From now on, staff at the British headquarters of biotech giant Monsanto will be eating only non-genetically modified products on their lunch breaks. Foods containing genetically modified soy and corn are no longer available in the company cafeteria. Granada Food Services, which manages the canteen, is said to be concerned about health risks. Monsanto's press department contends the action was not the result of a boycott initiated by worried employees of theU.S. multinational.


will said...

I am 100% for organically grown foods, and that's all my family buys; we don't even drink milk from cows that are fed GMO grains.

My reason for commenting here, though: I am unable to find credible source documentation for the claim that GMO foods are no longer served in the UK Monsanto cafeteria. Are you sure about this one?

Thanks for your great website!


Bob Gregory said...

I heard this from a couple of sources. The original post was on the Organic Consumers Association news page and was a referenced to Ode Magazine's June 2007 issue. I also heard this from a personal conversation with Jeffrey Smith.

Bob Gregory said...

I couldn't rest until I found this for you from the BBC:

Thanks for the encouragement,