Thursday, February 14, 2008

GE Sugar? Not So Sweet

  • GE Sugar? Not So Sweet
    Tell Hershey’s, Mars, and American Crystal to show us the love, and keep our sweets GE-Free!
    The Center for Food Safety and The True Food Network, 2/14/08
    Straight to the Source

This Valentine’s Day, as you open up that heart-shaped box of candy and taste those chocolate covered crèmes, nougats and truffles, enjoy them. And unless you’re one of the few who doesn’t eat chocolate, there’s no denying that sugar is the taste of Valentine’s Day.

Sadly, biotech companies want to take the sweets we know and love away from us.

Sugar in our Valentine’s candy (and our cereal, granola bars, crackers, bread – anything that contains sugar) comes from several sources, including sugar beets. In fact, about half of the sugar used in the U.S. is beet sugar (the other half is cane sugar). In the next few weeks, sugar beet seed farmers throughout the U.S. will be considering what type of sugar beets to plant, and food companies will have to decide what types of sugar they will accept.

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