Unprocessed grains of the herbicide resistant maize GA21 may be imported into the European Union for food and feed use, after a Commission Decision of last Friday. Processed products from the maize line already have an EU approval for the use as food ingredient since February 2006. The authorisation does not cover cultivation. The decision on the application of the biotech company Syngenta was up to the Commission by EU law, after the Council of Agricultural Ministers did not establish a qualified majority either for or against the market placement of GA21 in February. The European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) gave a favourable opinion in autumn last year. The maize line is grown in Argentina and North America. With the import licence for unprocessed grains the Commission hopes to ease the economic situation of European pork producers. They currently suffer from a combination of low meat prices and high feed costs. Prior to the approval of GA21 they had to rely on imports of the more expensive Brazilian maize