Thursday, April 10, 2008

Agriculture Education Opportunity

Special Announcement

Berea Gardens Agriculture Ministries and Hartland College April, 2008

Dear Friends,

For a number of years I have been trying to organize a time when I could offer some classes in practical agriculture to those of you with an interest in learning more about growing food. My schedule with the college has been very full and I have not, until now, been able to offer much in the way of education to non-students.

This year the Academic Affairs Committee of Hartland College has approved a change in our schedule that will finally allow some of you the opportunity to get the training you have been asking for. Beginning this summer the Agriculture Minor classes will be open to both Hartland students and any of you that might wish to take them. Four different classes will be taught in two week segments through the summer. You will be participating with the Hartland students and staff in production activities on our market farm in the mornings for practical training and attending classes in the afternoons. Each class is worth 3 units of college credit. The emphasis of these courses will be vegan-organic and biorational growing methods.

Some housing will be available in our dormitories for individuals. Cabins and campsites with RV hookups are available for couples or families. Vegan meals may be purchased at the Hartland Cafeteria.

Hartland College is a four year missionary training college located in the Piedmont area of Virginia. Participants in the program will be expected to adhere to the basic guidelines of our Student Handbook which prohibits tobacco, alcohol, firearms and off-road vehicles on the campus. Christian modesty in apparel is also requested. The beautiful 760 acre campus consists of a mixture of farmland and natural woods with five lakes and a river as one of our borders. This natural setting and the many walking trails will allow you a true recreational opportunity while you study.

For registration information contact
Thomas Heath, Admissions Director (540) 672-3100 ext 308
Joong Ho Shin, Dean of the College (540) 672-3100 ext 302

For questions about course material contact
Bob Gregory, Agriculture Director (540) 672-3100 ext 288

Hartland College
Agriculture Program Summer Schedule 2008

Ag Minor Session 1
AGR325 Soil Management and Fertility 3 Credits Tuition $570
Class is a study of soil structure and composition including physical, biological and chemical properties incorporating soil assay, analysis and recommendations. Study includes nutrient balancing, physical amendments, fertilizer sources and materials. Also includes moisture management, tillage and cultivation practices.

Lecture Series June 23 to July 4
1:30-3:30pm Mon-Wed and 1:30-5:30pm Thurs
Lab 7:30-Noon Mon-Fri

Ag Minor Session 2
AGR326 Plant Pathology and Pests 3 Credits Tuition $570
Course is an overview of plant and soil diseases, plant pests, with emphasis on diagnostic and prevention measures; physical, biological, organic and chemical. Overview of pesticide chemistries and modes of action for organic and synthetic materials, introduction to the Integrated Pest Management approach to plant pathogens.

Lecture series July 7 to July 18
1:30-3:30pm Mon-Wed and 1:30-3:30 Thurs
Lab 7:30-Noon Mon-Fri

Ag Minor Session 3
AGR327 Plant Propagation 3Credits Tuition $570
Principles and practices of seed germination, production, harvest and storage. Theoretical and practical exercises in asexual plant production through cuttings, budding and grafting. Comprehensive look at the hybridization process for development of new varieties including methods used in biotechnology.

Lecture series Aug 4 to Aug 15
1:30-3:30 Mon-Wed and 1:30-5:30 Thurs
Lab 7:30-Noon Mon-Fri

Ag Minor Session 4
AGR328 Vegetable/Ornamental Production 3 Credits Tuition $570
Overview of outdoor and greenhouse production systems used to maximize crop productivity. This class also explores cost and labor analysis, budgeting, marketing, and other considerations to help you plan, grow and sell agricultural products.

Lecture series Aug 18 to Aug 29
1:30-3:30 Mon-Wed and 1:30-5:30 Thurs
Lab 7:30-Noon Mon-Fri

All four classes are offered at a discounted tuition of $1,560

Costs do not include books or meals.
Housing, RV hookups and campsites are available on campus.

For a list of required textbooks see

Hartland College web site:

For registration information and processing contact
Thomas Heath, Admissions Director
Hartland College (540) 672-3100 ext. 308
Or email

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