Sunday, March 1, 2009

US Growers Willing to Adopt GM Wheat, says Survey

A survey conducted by the US National Association of Wheat Growers (NAWG) showed that US farmers are willing to adopt genetically modified wheat. More than three-quarters of wheat growers responding to the NAWG survey would like biotech traits, such as disease and pesticide resistance and drought and freezing tolerance, in their arsenal. NAWG said that national wheat organizations support biotech commercialization but private technology providers need to be assured of ground-level support for their efforts before undertaking the decade-long, multimillion-dollar path toward commercialization of a trait.

"Until now, there has only been speculation about the breadth of grower support for biotechnology in wheat," said NAWG CEO Daren Coppock. "This petition was designed to gather those answers from across our wheat producing areas, and now we have an objective and clear answer."

The press release is available at More information about the petition and survey is at

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Anonymous said...

That's not what people agreed to at all! The post card survey is a check box. The first check box was "I agree with the position". 1,000,000 cards get sent out and tossed, and another 1,000,000 get pre-checked and mailed by a single roving van. The second check box was "I don't agree with the position", with the demand that you explain yourself in writing. This card violates polling science, the results are invalid.