Tuesday, September 28, 2010

October Newsletter

Berea Gardens Agriculture Ministries
October Newsletter

The heat of summer has finally passed and the incredible beauty of the Appalachian Fall is upon us.  This is the time of year we love most here, and the gardens love it too.  The transition to our fall crops is complete and we have a beautiful array of plants growing wonderfuly without the stress from weeds and pests that are so troublesome during the hotter months.  Broccoli, cauliflower, beets, spinach, carrots, lettuce, and a wide array of other vegetables are looking beautiful and will provide for a nice harvest over the coming months.  Our greenhouses will allow us to grow many things right through the winter.

We have had a wonderful season at or Farmer's Market and have made many warm friends from the local folks that we have met.  The season ends the last week in October, but for us it will also be a new beginning.  Our vison of opening a bulk food store to serve our community is close to reality.  Betty Nicholson, a dear friend from Hartland and recently from Black Hills Health & Education Center, has joined us to take charge of starting up and operating the store.  We look forward to meeting some of the needs in our area, as well as having an opportunity for health education and a way of providing practical advice and products for healthy eating.  The store will also give us a year-round venue for marketing the produce from the farm.  In time, we hope to be able to offer an online version of the store that can serve a wider region with bulk beans, grains, nuts and a variety of other products.  Please pray for this venture and our ability to use it as a means to further other aspects of health and lifestyle education that will benefit our community.

Our Agriculture Training Program has had a good season and dozens of people took advantage of the opportunity to learn more about this important skill.  Many of our attendees have sent comments that their gardening success has been enhanced by what they learned here.   We still have openings for the October 11 session, and if you desire to participate you may find information on the Berea Gardens Website.

True Education Conference Series Scheduled for November

The annual True Education Series hosted by Bob Jorgensen is coming again to Berea Gardens at the end of November.  Please plan now to join us from November 26-28 for a wonderful opportunity to fellowship and share more about true Christian education.  Speakers this year will include Pastor Dave Westbrook, author of "Out of the Cities and Director of Back to Enoch Ministires, Elvin Easton of The Living Choice in the Dominican Republic, and others. Bob Jorgensen of Medical Missionary Press will host the series.  Bob has made a very thorough study of the principles of True Education and the implementation of these principles in Adventist history. I will be sending updated information as the total speaker schedule is selected.

Agriculture Training Week
Nov. 29 - Dec. 2
The week following the True Education Conference will be an opportunity to get some practical agriculture training. From Monday, November 29 to December 2 class sessions will be held on developing land for growing crops, soil chemistry and fertility, plant pathology and pests, hazards of modern commercial agriculture and regulatory compliance issues for small market growerrs as well as round table discussions with the 'experts' speaking at the weekend conference. 

Agriculture Conference December 3-5

The first conference for many of the Adventist educators and promoters of agriculture is an opportunity to meet and talk with those that are actively engaged in this work; the A,B, and C of education. Speakers include Bob Jorgensen, Jerry Travers, Brad Neely, John Dysinger, Elvin Easton, Bob Gregory and others. Topics will cover cutting edge trends in the understanding of healthful agricultural production.

Please plan now to join us.  Further announcements and details about speakers and accomodations will be coming to you soon.

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