Wednesday, January 4, 2012

GM Soybean Receives USDA Deregulation

MON 87705, a genetically modified soybean traded as Monsanto's Vistive®Gold oybeans has received deregulation approval by the US Department of Agriculture (USDA). The GM soybean produces soybean oil with increased levels of monounsaturated fat while significantly lowering saturated fat.
"With the availability of Vistive®Gold soybeans, farmers will soon be able to deliver an economical and sustainable source of nutritionally improved soybean oil to consumers and food companies," said Joe Cornelius, Monsanto global technology lead for food quality traits.
This USDA deregulation completes the regulatory processes in the United States, that would allow field testing and seed production within the United States, under strict stewardship guidelines until Monsanto has obtained the necessary regulatory approvals in the key soybean export markets. The Food and Drug Administration completed the consultation process in January 2011. The trait has also been approved for use in Canada.
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Don't like the term GMO? How about "Molecular Breeding?"

Vivienne M Anthony and Marco Ferroni of Syngenta Foundation for Sustainable Agriculture, Switzerland reported the potential role of agricultural biotechnology in improving crop yields of farmers from developing countries. There has been rapid adoption of biotech crops by smallholder farmers in developing countries especially in China, India, and other Asian, African, and Central/South American countries. Molecular breeding has helped several research breakthroughs but release of new varieties has been slow at the same time. Thus, the authors recommend improvements in seed systems which are vital for enhanced crop genetics to reach farmers.